Preventative Care

Preventative Care

Prevent infections and decay by taking proper care of your precious teeth at our dental spa:

Prevention is always better than cure and saves you a lot of pain and discomfort. Research indicates that there are over 200 diseases which can occur in the mouth and jaws, some of which, are life threatening. Whatever be your age, it is important to maintain hygiene and undergo regular oral examinations at our dental spa to ensure prolonged health and strength of your teeth.

While you cannot prevent your hair from graying, you can prevent your dental health from degenerating.

At Family Cosmetic Dental SPA, in addition to regular cleaning of the teeth, we do detailed examinations for:

  • Periodontal disease, one of the most prevalent diseases in adults
  • Oral cancer
  • Halitosis (Bad breath)
  • Root Canal therapy
  • Fluoride treatment to prevent future decay
  • Prophylaxis (Cleaning)
  • Checking fillings and replacing them is needed
  • Applying sealants
  • Molding Mouthguards
  • Fitting Nightguards and Snoreguards
  • Education on oral hygiene

You can judge for yourself the condition of your teeth at our dental spa

At Family Cosmetic Dental SPA, rather than just finishing off the job, we take personal care for each patient and provide a lot of value-additions like:

  • We involve you in all decision making and update you meticulously and honestly on the condition of your teeth.
  • During regular visits to our dental spa, we carefully clean your teeth using a gentle scaling method to remove plaque and tartar and odor causing bacteria.
  • While our products are of the highest quality, they are also affordable.
  • We use only premium dental products and give paramount importance to safety and infection control at our dental spa.

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