Electronic Patient Records

Electronic Patient Records

At Family Cosmetic Dental SPA, we use the latest technology and devices to ensure that our dental checkups are comprehensive and subject you to the minimum discomfort.

Here are a few instances on how you can benefit from the specialized gadgets at our dental spa:

All patient records are directly fed and digitally stored on computers at our dental spa. Hence your details are available for reference in a jiffy and are updated at every visit.

Another example of technical progression is the use of intra-oral cameras in our dental spa. This enables us to clearly examine and also show you instantaneously anything that needs to be set right. You can also view firsthand the ingenious treatments administered and the attractive results.

We place highest importance on safety and hygiene at our dental spa. Infection control measures such as Autoclaving and sterilization are carried out even more stringently than Government Health Regulations. Here are a few examples:

  • All reusable instruments at our dental spa including drills are sterilized before and after use
  • All the staff at our dental spa wear fresh gloves and masks for every procedure to prevent even inadvertent passing of infection
  • We comply with COSHH and Dental Radiation Safety systems
  • Protective eyeglasses are used on every patient at Family Cosmetic Dental SPA

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