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Doctors at Family Cosmetic Dental SPA are your friends, philosophers and guides, will listen to your concerns and needs and recommend the best treatment modality for your individual needs.

Doctors at our dental spa are not only highly qualified and experienced in the dental profession; they also possess knowledge on tending luxurious spa therapies. They have an innate artistic nature that helps them to carve teeth to perfection. Our doctors aspire to keep abreast with technology and provide minute attention to detail so that the treatment is 100% successful.

We are committed to excellence

The golden thread that holds us all together at Family Cosmetic Dental SPA is our vision to achieve excellence in the field of cosmetic dentistry and bestow joy and satisfaction on our patients. All the staffs in our dental spa are educationally qualified appropriately and also have several years of practical experience.

Patience, courtesy, understanding and care are inborn nature to all of us at Family Cosmetic Dental SPA and are the reasons why patients think of our spa as more a place to relax and rejuvenate themselves. For each patient, enduring smiles have to be designed taking into consideration several factors such as age, gender, facial structure, bone formation and personal preferences.

Dr. Ravi Balu Profile:

Graduated from Temple University, one of the oldest and reputed dental schools in the country, which places important emphasis on high clinical skills in all phases of dentistry as a must.
Dr. Ravi Balu was in the endodntic and pediatric honor society while in school. He has been in active practice in all phases of dentistry for the past eighteen years in Murrysville.

Member of the academy of general dentistry. Dr. Ravi Balu has taken numerous courses from safety of blood borne pathogens, oral cancer screening, sleep apnea remedies to implants and orthodontics. Dr. Balu is not only involved with the academic part of the practice, he has been involved in various community dental activities such as giving lectures at day care, senior citizen centers as well as treating the mentally and physically challenged individuals. We have number of preschools and elementary schools that come to the office to learn about proper hygiene and dental care for their students.

Dr. Ravi Balu is always striving to learn the newest techniques by attending lectures throughout the country to provide the best treament for his patients.

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